447 Management Service Officers appointed

The awarding of appointment letters of grade 3 management service for 447 applicants who passed the management service examination has taken place today (10.10.2023) at the Temple Trees under the patronage of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

The appointments were granted to those who passed the Management Service Examination according to the recommendations of the Recruitment Review Committee, the decisions of the Cabinet and the approval of the Public Service Commission.

The Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government has awarded the appointments of Management Service under three phases and these appointments have been awarded under the third phase.

Speaking on this occasion State Minister Mr. Janaka Vakkambura said;

“Subsequent to the award of appointments in the first phase, a large number of applicants came forward to get appointments at the next stage. Even if there were some problems at that time, they have been sorted out and vacancies were found, and today steps are being taken to give appointments to those who scored more than hundred marks in the examination. When appointments were given in the first phase, a group of applicants requested appointments for all. We promised then that we would give appointments for all. Today, it has become a reality.

“Those who have been appointed as government employees for ten to twelve years or more than 5 years are eligible to sit for this competitive exam. Most of the applicants here have covered the positions as public servants.

I urge the new appointees to change the attitude of the public towards public service in our country. People say that when they go to a Government institution, they are wasting time, but when they go to a private institution, the work is done well. There are more than 15 hundred thousand people in public service. Everyone is blamed for the shortcomings of the public service. If any politician makes a mistake, all politicians are blamed. People come in search of a solution for their problems. Provide service for them. We all get a salary from their taxes.”

Mr. Anura Dissanayake, Secretary to the Prime Minister stated that –

“In the midst of all the challenges, the Prime Minister, as the Minister of Public Administration and Home Affairs, initiated to award these appointments for you. The Prime Minister pointed out the facts to the Public Service Commission and took steps to recruit the people who are already in the public service to the service of Management Service Officers in a manner that will have the least impact on the government’s expenditure. This was done at a time new recruitments have been stopped.

“Today the economy is faced with most severe challenges than ever. There is a social opinion that the current economic situation of the country is occurred due to the unsustainable cost of public service. Eighty percent of the total government revenue is used to pay salaries, allowances and pensions to government employees. We use lot of resources and you should decide whether we do justice to it.”

Minister Roshan Ranasinghe, State Minister Janaka Vakkambura, Member of Parliament Yadamini Gunawardena, Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration Ranjith Ashoka, Director General of Integrated Services Aloka Bandara and the appointees participated in this event.

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