The Women’s Rights Act, which includes a special commission for women for the first time in history, will soon be presented to the Parliament.. - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

The Prime Minister stated that a Women’s Rights Act, which includes a special commission for women for the first time in history, will soon be presented to the Parliament. He said this at the occasion of Colombo District Women’s Day commemoration ceremony “Colompura Liya Abhiman 2024” held today (21.03.2024) at the Colombo District Secretariat.

Presenting awards and certificates to the best female entrepreneurs of the district, distribution of essential materials to pregnant mothers and presenting awards and certificates to Women Development Officers took place at this occasion.

The Prime Minister commented as follows at this occasion –

Creating hope and happiness for all Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim women is the best effort we can make as a government. As announced by the President, a series of special laws for women will be submitted to the Parliament within the next month. The Act for women’s development, Protection and Women’s Rights, which includes a commission for women for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, will be presented to Parliament. We hope to move towards a future where many things can be created.

International Women’s Day which is declared for rights, achievements, and wishes of women all over the world, is very important. It gives new courage and hope to our mothers and sisters. It creates great confidence to face the future. It is important to be able to create new sources of income, talents and products of our female generation. Helping our housewives and young brothers and sisters who are diligently looking for new sources of income is the way to become rich. The New Year is ahead. How courageously our women join the Sinhala and Hindu New Year. This is the time when most of what many of you are producing at home, can be seen in our areas, and in our markets.

This year, the President has made financial allocations for a new programme where the development work that couldn’t be continued in the recent past can be started anew it will be a year where everyone can have new hopes. We must do what we can do in cooperation and unity. This “Liya Abiman” programme would give strength not only to the government, but everyone working together to produce innovative products.

Members of Parliament Dr. Major Pradeep Udugoda, Premanath Dolawatta, Jagath Kumara, Yadamini Gunawardena, Colombo District Secretary K. G. Wijesiri, officials, representatives of Colombo District women’s bureau participated in this event.

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