Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s Milad Un-Nabi Message -2021

It is with great pleasure that I extend my best wishes to all Sri Lankan Muslims who are celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, believed to be the seal of the Messengers and Prophets of God in all the main branches of Islam.
The Prophet Muhammad was the pioneer who established a system of Islamic values, setting an example for others in his personal life to build a dignified human love full of humanity.
The vision of the Prophet was always to fill human society with virtue of wisdom and non-violence. The essence of the Prophet’s teaching as a messenger of God is to show man the good way of living in the world. I believe that all Muslim people following his wisely construed way can give their maximum contribution for a better society.
I remind the Islamic people to follow the example of the Prophet in their lives in order to overcome such difficult times in the face of the pandemic of Covid-19.
I wish happy Milad Un-Nabi Day to all Sri Lankan and worldwide Muslims who celebrate the day meaningfully by giving priority to religious ceremonies and helping the needy!!

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