Sri Lankan Prime Minister's Message on the International Children's Day 2021

It is an imperative duty of all human beings to give priority to the protection of the rights of the child. Recalling that duty, I am pleased to pen down this message to commemorate the International Children's Day celebrated by Sri Lanka on 1st of October every year.
Children are nation's future & tomorrow's citizens. Their world is much prettier than the world of adults. It is our responsibility to provide the harmony and peace they deserve to their world without hindrance.
We as a government is always committed to uphold the right of children to have their best interests be a primary consideration in all matters involving or affecting them. We are confident that a generation of virtuous children will dispel the darkness of the future. We have also pledged to do so through the Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour policy statement. Accordingly, in the recent past, we have amended several laws to make schooling compulsory and to eliminate child slavery from society.
As in other parts of the world, the childhood of children in our country has become extremely frustrating due to the Covid-19 epidemic. It is no secret that children are deprived of the freedom to run around and are trapped in homes. Therefore, I urge parents and adults to take care of their children at home so that they do not suffer mental distress at a time when there is a global pandemic.
Covid-19 vaccination for children has already commenced under our government giving the precedence to children with special needs.
It is commendable that the Department of Probation and Child Care Services in collaboration with the State Ministry of Women and Child Development, Pre-School & Primary Education, School Infrastructure & School Services have provided the opportunity to launch children's creations on the occasion of World Children's Day.
Under the theme "Children First of All", I urge everyone to dedicate in achieving the objectives of World Children's Day meaningfully.
We shall make the world of children beautiful !!

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