We are currently passing a very difficult period no matter who takes over the government or who rules the country.- Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

The Prime Minister mentioned this on 20.05.2024 at Sri Bodhirukkarama Maha Viharaya at Poojapitiya, Divanawatta, attending the unveiling of the Meth Bosath statue built with the financial contribution of Member of Parliament Gunathilaka Rajapaksa.

The Prime Minister speaking at the event stated that -

"The British rulers took over our country by force. We were deprived of our identity and our freedom. Due to the great fight that our rural leaders and leaders in the upcountry started that day, our country was able to continue the journey towards independence.

Sri Lanka has the pride of a country that has regained independence. A country should be rebuilt from there. We need to raise our heads again for the people of the country.

We have a history of Buddhist order that has helped to overcame difficult challenges and to move forward.

The generation living today and the generation living in the future need a guidance that can achieve a deep understanding of the Buddhist Dharma. There is a need for a guide to take the Buddha’s Dharma to the world and to make the world understand it. There was a generation in our villages who lived with the deep blessings of Buddhism. They were not waiting for helicopters to bring food. He made the economy by harvesting what he has cultivated in the village and carrying it on a cart. That is the noble gift of altruistic that was gained through Buddhism. It was founded, human society was built on the Buddha Dharma. You know that this is how our nation was built from a civilization that was born of noble virtues.

Our country is in a difficult situation. We are facing a very difficult period no matter who takes over the government. So is the world. Today the world has reached a state where even the great powers do not know how to survive.

Because of the heroes who went through the challenges of that day, we were able to preserve an identity as a country and protect Sinhala Buddhism in a unified nation. Today we have to overcome the challenge of building the economy while preserving them all."

Maha Sangha including Ven. Wattegama Dhammavasa Thera, Newly appointed Mahanayake of Udarata Amarapura Sasana Jyothika Chapter, Chief Sanghanayake of Australia, Governor of Central Province Lalith U. Gamage, MPs Namal Rajapaksa, Ranjith Bandara, Yadamini Gunawardena, Indian Assistant Commissioner Athira S, government officials and devotees participated in this event.

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