World Water Day Message

Water is life. There is no alternative.

The Sri Lankan inherits a great irrigational civilization that is not second to any. The expertise in irrigation and water systems of our ancestors amazed the whole world. They took great care not to let flow a single drop of water fallen from the sky to the sea without making any use of it. It was the most inspiring claim by the King Parakkramabahu the Great. They safeguarded rain water and ground water resources as of a gift from heaven and managed properly to bestow them to the next generation.

Though inherited such a history of water conservation, Sri Lanka and the rest of the world is in the verge of a drinking water crisis today. The next world war will be for water if water catchment and water resources as well as the drinking water which is produced with a huge cost are not managed properly.

One hundred and three rivers including Mahaweli, Kelani, Kalu, Walawe, which nature has gifted us, provide drinking water to fifty six percent of the population and another fourteen percent gets drinking water community and rural water projects.

When I was the Minister of Water Supply, in addition to the large, medium and small scale water projects that were launched from the city to remote villages, the Community Water Supply Department was established for the continued success of community water projects carried out with the contribution of people.

I highly value the contribution of the Ministry of Water Supply, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board in realizing this year’s World Water Day theme of ’Preparing an appropriate programme for water and sanitation’ while working in an optimal development programme to achieve the desired goals.

Dinesh Gunawardena
Prime Minister
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

21st of March 2023

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