Raipiyel Tennakoon Vidyalaya should not be closed... -Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said.

Government officials should have a sense to understand people’s problems...

The Prime Minister mentioned this when the Maharagama Regional Coordination Committee met today (06.05.2024) under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

"Government officials should have the sense to understand the problems of the public. That is why you have been provided a good training. It has to be matured since then when dealing with those problems. If the same problem comes again and again, it shows lack of interest.

In addition to general services, many projects worth millions are currently being implemented throughout the Maharagama Electorate, as in infrastructure and educational, cultural, and social projects. They should be made available for the people soon.

In spite of this, the proposals that should not be implemented are being implemented without coordination through various institutions. The problem of Raipiyel Tennakoon Vidyalaya is such a problem. The development committee meeting has been informed that it has been proposed to close this school and combine it with the President’s College. I object to the proposal presented by the Provincial Education Ministry.

The people and parents of Maharagama area have no hope for the closure of Raipiyel Tennakoon Vidyalaya. It is the responsibility of the authorities to implement an alternative arrangement for the old building of the school.."

The Principal of Raipiyel Tennakoon Vidyalaya, who was present on this occasion, also mentioned that the parents have protested against the closure of the school and combining it with another school.

The Chairman of the Maharagama Shasanarakshaka Balamandalaya Ven. Nikapotha Chandrajothi Thera, former Western Provincial Council members Upali Kodikara, Salochana Gamage, government officials including Divisional Secretary Dilrukshi Walpola participated in this event.

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