Gamani Jayasuriya cannot be forgotten when talking about the rights of working people - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

The Prime Minister mentioned this today (2024.04.30) attending the event for naming of Meegoda Madhya Maha Vidyalaya, Homagama, as Gamani Jayasuriya Madhya Maha Vidyalaya.

The Prime Minister commented that -

“It is a special occasion to name the school after Mr. Gamani Jayasuriya, commemorating his 100th birthday and the completion of the school’s centenary. By doing this, the education authorities took steps to give the children of the school and to the society, the utmost respect of gratitude.

The whole country knows about Mr. Gamani Jayasuriya. He is considered as a person who has set an example who can become our respected national hero. Anagarika Dharmapala created the century of leadership of the national revival of his generation. The relatives of Mr. Gamani Jayasuriya joined the generation of my grandfather, Boralugoda Ralahami’s relatives. These people worked together during the main struggles of the national heroes.

Mr. Philip Gunawardena was later appointed as a Member of Parliament in 1936 of ’Hewagamkoralaya’ that had such a background. It was because of this national movement that people came together to give every possible strength to education. Bernard Jayasuriya was the beloved father of Mr. Gamani Jayasuriya. Gamani Jayasuriya had a long political heritage and national heritage.

We have passed through a time a new education pattern was created as a unique contribution to the education of our country, a new generation that gained strength from new fields went to high school then went to university, and especially at a time that the improvement of technology sector has entered the path of change in the country.

There were too many political conflicts at that time, rather than educational problems. However, at that time, with the support of the people of this area and the support of parents, it was possible to continue the school work.

At that time, Mr. Gamani Jayasuriya, as a young man, came forward to set a great example for those educational upheavals without politics. Therefore, he brought an example of special sacrifices to the present society. Education field cannot forget Mr. Gamani Jayasuriya. He held many major responsibilities in the education sector and held responsibilities in the health and agricultural sectors.

You may remember the Great Strike in the Eighties. All government employees went on strike. Eighty thousand people were sacked at that time and the only announcement was that they should not report to work from the following day. But Minister Gamani Jayasuriya did not dismiss anyone in the ministries and corporations under his administration.

Tomorrow is International Workers’ Day. Tomorrow when hundreds of thousands of working people are talking about their rights, Gamani Jayasuriya, the people’s representative as the minister, protected their rights on that day then. Such is the very unique and exemplary policy of Mr. Gamani Jayasuriya regarding the national service of the country’s politics. Mr. Gamani Jayasuriya provided a great example for the existence of the motherland, protection of the motherland, development of the motherland, and especially in the field of education."

Minister Bandula Gunawardena, MP Yadamini Gunawardena, teachers, students, parents and public participated in this event.

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