Prime Minister intervenes to solve the garbage problem in Beruwala ....

A special discussion was held at the Parliament Complex on 09.05.2024 to solve the serious health problem that has arisen by dumping of the waste collected in the Beruwala Municipal Council area in a land in Vattimirajapura village. For the discussion held on request made by MP Imtiaz Bakir Makar to the Prime Minister in the Parliament, State Minister of Fisheries Piyal Nishantha, officials of the Ministry of Local Government, Beruwala Divisional Secretary, Beruwala Municipal Council officials as well as the representatives of all relevant institutions such as the Urban Development Authority, Police, National Health Institute, Provincial Council Waste Management Authority, and Central Environment Authority were also called.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister instructed the responsible parties to go to the Beruwala area on Tuesday (14) of the next week, check and dispose of the collected garbage immediately to a suitable place, and then classify the garbage correctly and dispose of it properly to protect the health of residents in the area. State Minister of Fisheries Piyal Nishantha also suggested on starting a regular garbage recycling project by using the land that is currently being used for dumping garbage. MP Imtiaz Bakir Makar thanked the Prime Minister for providing the opportunity for the discussion and made a special request to the officers to act according to the prescribed dates.

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