The Vesak programmes of the Buddhist Congress are officially released.

The Vesak Volume and the official logo of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress was brought out today (19.05.2024) at Temple Trees under the patronage of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

The Prime Minister commenting at the event -

"The Buddhist Congress bequeaths the great Buddhist path that Gautama the Buddha bequeathed to us not only to the people of our country but also to the whole world.

This year’s Vesak festival is further strengthened by such programmes organized in this manner.

The leadership given while uniting all to make the objectives and programmes of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress, which were fostered by the most senior and strongest Buddhist leaders of this country, be successful and to embed them in our society, is unique.

We are still going through a difficult period. We remember with respect the examples given to our identity, the development of rural Buddhists, the economy and the strength of the nation in this challenging period.

It is respectfully mentioned that the views put forward by the Buddhist Congress have been discussed and developed in international discussions at various times in the world. The Conference for the Disabled is being held in this period. At such a time, it is important that a special programme for the disabled, a programme to donate artificial legs etc, is being implemented.

Due to the number of opportunities for Sri Lanka to make such a contribution internationally is less, in this good period, it performs this merit in a very exemplary manner and the intervention to solve for problemad in the society is appreciated.

The growing generation and our society can participate in this charity event in two ways. A new enthusiasm has been given from all sectors, including the public and private sector, since contribution has been made to guide the way with such determination."

Mr. Chandra Nimal Wakishta, the President of the Buddhist Congress, speaking at the event stated that,

"We are glad that this time, with the intervention of the Prime Minister, public and private institutions have been coordinated to celebrate Vesak throughout the island, including the Colombo district, in a formal and elegant manner.

Due to the intervention of the Prime Minister, we also had the opportunity to make Vesak celebration more glorious to the people in a unique way. The Buddhaloka Vesak Zone, which is being held by our congress for the 23rd time, will be a special Vesak zone this year. We are able to celebrate the Vesak festival with a lot of amisa pooja and pratipatti pooja for the people rejoice in an attractive manner.

It is considered a privilege in the history of the Buddhist Congress to officially announce our Vesak festival programme for the first time in the presence of the country’s leadership.

We appreciate the Prime Minister’s support for the Baudhaloka Vesak Zone, which is being organised by the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress under the theme "Protect Our Identity", the three armed forces, police and Civil Security Force gives their fullest support to the Bauddhaloka Vesak Zone.

Members of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress and a group of donors participated in this event.

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