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Many decisions from the National Operations Room Committee to quicken the delivery of the benefits of the development projects to people ...

The National Operating Room Committee, chaired by the Secretary to the Prime Minister Mr. Anura Dissanayake, which met at Temple Trees recently, took many decisions to deliver the benefits of the development projects to the people as soon as possible.

The development projects in the infrastructure, public facilities projects and education sectors under the provisions of the Asian Development Bank were discussed at length. He also specifically discussed the delay in the construction of the Moragolla hydropower plant, which started as a solution to the rapidly increasing electricity demand in Sri Lanka.

Although the Moragolla project was scheduled to be completed by July, it was revealed that only 75% physical progress of the project has been achieved. The project period was extended and an additional amount of USD 2.6 million was requested to complete the project.
Officials of the Electricity Board also pointed out that there is a need to construct 300 km long tower lines with 33 kilowatt towers and 13 switching gantries. The construction should be completed before December 2024 as the Asian Development Bank has agreed to extend the project period until March 2025. The officials also mentioned that the project’s effectiveness will be checked from December to March.

Regarding the Ministry of Education’s Science and Technology Human Resource Development Project (ADB) and Secondary Education Sector Improvement Program, many difficulties and requests were presented by the relevant parties and the relevant parties were advised to complete the planned reforms as soon as possible since most of the planned reforms are already being implemented.

Benefits of the development projects are to the people. It is the responsibility of the authorities to complete the projects within the proposed time frame. Therefore, Mr. Anura Dissanayake emphasized that the Prime Minister has instructed to take necessary steps for all development projects to be vested in the public as soon as possible.

Mr. Anura Dissanayake stated that agreements were made between the Asian Development Bank and the Ministry of Power and Energy to accelerate the process with necessary extensions and it is everyone’s responsibility to complete the relevant development projects within that period.

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