The electricity bill can be reduced in the next two months. - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

To preserve the identity and culture of a country, teach children about our heritage. - MP Sarath Weerasekera

All Divisional Secretariats of Colombo District have taken steps to organise Vesak zones to celebrate Vesak in a grand manner coordinating with government and non-governmental organizations, Buddhist organizations and businessmen, with a series of discussions to be held in that regard and one of them was held today (17.05.2024) at the Kolonnawa Divisional Secretariat.

The Prime Minister speaking at the discussion stated -

“Electricity bill should be reduced. We are talking about that within the government. Now we are in the edge of reducing the electricity bill and it can be implemented in the next two months. It is possible to reduce the electricity bill because the Uma Oya power plant produces electricity from hydropower. Now Sri Lanka’s national grid receives one hundred and twenty megawatts from Uma Oya.

This is a moment that our society is moving towards many big challenges. We are committed to making the most difficult period we had face economically into a complete victory. There are times when the lives of our people deteriorated due to various social challenges. We hoped for the guidance and active contribution of the monks to prevent that situation. The traditions, customs and culture preserved since ancient times should be handed down to the next generation. We hope that we will receive the support of all the departments and government officials as a government that task successful.

Take on the task of transforming the development of the area into a development that can bring people’s expectations a reality. We hope for the prompt intervention of the government departments in this regard. The problems and obstacles on the main roads should be addressed and the hindrances to the people’s use should be removed immediately. The need for the departments to work together is emphasized at this moment.

The District Secretaries have been given certain powers regarding the Vesak festival. Follow the instructions given by the Governors. There can be no lack of display of the Buddhist flag in any area. This should be ensured through government officials.”

MP Sarath Weerasekera, commenting at the event stated that -

“Construction of pandols, making Vesak lanterns, and celebration methods are our heritage. They are aspects of Buddhist culture. Teach school children about these heritages. Culture is the identity of a country. Protect the nation and the country.

About ninety percent of the work in our Vesak zone has been completed. We appreciate the Prime Minister for coming here as the second citizen of our country as a Buddhist to plan this Vesak zone. The Prime Minister is a sober person; A person who gives maximum contribution to Buddhist activities to maintain our Buddhist culture. You gave water to the people of Kolonnawa. In the Mahavamsa, there is a stanza that the Lord Buddha spoke to the God Shakra when he was passing away. It says that the Buddhist Order will be preserved in Sri Lanka, so protect it. Lord Shakra entrusts that task to God Upulvan. It is the duty of the Sinhalese people to protect their religion and Buddhist order. It is according to that culture and identity, the Vesak festival includes all these aspects.

Maha Sangha including Ven. Madugalle Dhammasiri Thera, Ven. Wekumbure Pangnananda Thera and MP Yadamini Gunawardena, Colombo District Secretary K.G. Wijesiri, Kolonnawa Divisional Secretary and government officials, businessmen, and representatives of Buddhist and various organizations participated in this event.

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