The Office of the Prime Minister is the Institution that carry out official functions of the Hon. Prime Minister of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Main functions of the PM’s office are as follows.

  • To set an example and provide guidance to all other government institutions as the second leading office of the Public Sector in the country.
  • To facilitate and co-ordinate various public events presided over by the Hon. Prime Minister.
  • To provide an excellent service by co-ordinating all Government Ministries, Departments and Institutions.
  • To facilitate Hon. P.M. to maintain cordial relationships with foreign missions and diplomats.
  • To answer the questions raised in parliament and to extend fullest co-operation in implementing policies & decisions of the government.
  • To take action with regard to bills, reports etc., presented to Parliament through the Hon. Prime Minister.
  • To regulate and follow up the activities regarding the Action Plan on SAARC Social Charter.
  • To grant permission of the Hon. Prime Minister for Government officers and MPs to travel abroad for various purposes.
  • To co-ordinate and make arrangements in respect of foreign visits of the Hon. Prime Minister.
  • To arrange media coverage of the State and National ceremonies as well as other special occasions to which the Hon. Prime Minister participates as the Chief Guest.
  • To carry out the administration and development activities of the Prime Minister’s office.
  • To implement Training and other career development programmes for officers of the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • To maintain the Prime Minister’s Office, the Official Residence and the circuit Bungalows up to the standard.
  • To provide necessary contribution for various religious and social activities of the country.
  • To carry out the Programme to Improve Positive Attitudes of Sri Lankans Towards Creating a Nobel Society with Economic Development.

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Sri Lanka.


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